Are you expecting a baby and do you wish to discover the gender of your child? It is now possible to discover the gender of your child from your home, thanks to the peekaboo gender test. Known for their accuracy and their indisputable results, these gender tests are known for their accuracy that reaches 99.5%. It is the most accurate early gender test found on the market. It allows you to know the gender of your baby at only 7 weeks of pregnancy. A record of precocity that has never been equaled.

Why do the gender test in a clinic?

It is true that Peekaboo offers home testing kits by finger prick, however, it is advisable to do it in a clinic, in order to have more accuracy on the test. It should be noted that home testing can be biased by exposure to people or pets. So, getting tested in a clinic guarantees a healthy and professional environment, where your test will encompass comfort, accuracy, and safety. However, if you want to do it at home, you can order a home test, one of the most popular home gender tests is SneakPeek. The mother makes a small prick on her finger to fill a small vial. It should be noted that any detection of a male chromosome will result in a positive test for men. This can make it very difficult to get a clean sample at home.

How does a gender test work?

The gender test is designed to determine the sex of the unborn baby based on whether or not there is a Y chromosome in the mother’s blood. If the presence of a chromosome is found, the baby is a boy. On the other hand, if no Y chromosome is found, the baby is a girl. It should be noted that the results of your test are delivered within one or two days. The purpose of this early test is to allow parents in the first trimester of pregnancy to begin planning for the arrival of their new child.

Is early sex determination reliable and safe?

Early sex determination is completely safe for the baby and the mother. This process involves just a small blood test, and it will be performed by a certified phlebotomist on site. However, affording a gender test is not easily accessible to everyone. In fact, the costs of a gender test are around $249.