How to stay healthy while staying at home?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about changes that have led to most people making drastic changes most especially to their lifestyle and activities. For people with white-collar jobs, the task of remaining healthy while still working from home is difficult.

There are various ways of remaining fit and healthy while staying at home especially as the second wave of this pandemic sweeps across the globe. These activities include:


Keeping your hands clean

The fact is the constant reminder by the Government and various channels on the need to keep the hands neat is a piece of music for the ear for most people. The hands in close contact with your mouth is a gateway to the body and washing them regularly with liquid or solid soap and water will help you avoid infection and food poisoning.


The exercises that can be performed at home are much and the provisions available including exercise at home apps can be helpful as exercising not only helps you maintain fitness and health but also improves and boosts your immune system to be able to fight and protect yourself from invading pathogens such as the coronavirus. You should visit for a list of exercises you can engage at home.


The first thing you should make sure you do after waking up early in the morning is to drink a glass of water. Taking at least 8 glasses of water daily helps the body remain hydrated, enhances your kidney functions, and improves your performance when carrying out an exercise.

Improve your knowledge

There is no better way of acquiring either professional or circular knowledge than reading books. Therefore, devote each day to learning new things as they help keep your mind sharp and keep the brain from remaining idle.


Socializing is important as it provides you with the opportunity of connecting with family and friends that you have not met for a long time. It also helps remain active and dismiss the negative feelings that are normally associated with remaining alone.


Getting a good midday rest is wonderful as it helps you remain alert and improves your performance most especially if you have remained active for a long period. It is important that you keep the time limit for your siesta within a 30 minutes’ window so as not to feel tired or weak when it exceeds the mark.

Salt and Fibre

Too much intake of sodium that is mostly consumed by humans as table salt when consumed in large quantities is dangerous to humans. It can improve the likelihood of you becoming a victim of high blood pressure. Rather reducing your salt intake and improving on the amount of fiber-rich diet like vegetables, fruits and legumes does not only clear the body of excess cholesterol but also helps you eat little.

House chores

Getting yourself busy every day by engaging in various forms of house chores such as drying your clothes and sweeping can help burn about 150 to 300 calories respectively hourly plus the added factor that keeping your locality clean is healthy for your wellbeing.

In whatever locality you find yourself, taking these above-mentioned steps would be great for your health.