The most common issue for gyms is related to the loss of motivation from their members. For a gym to keep its members, it needs to offer them much more than just machines and exercises. If you use a medical scale with BIA technology you will be able to attract more clients and keep the ones you already have. This type of scale not only measures weight, but also creates a report with data such as fat level, muscle mass, water, etc. You can offer your members to use these gym scales to keep track of how their bodies are evolving over time. You can also offer free tests to potential new clients. People are more motivated to start the gym when they see flaws in their body that they had not previously detected.

Use social media to generate curiosity

In order for you to attract people to your gym, you need to generate curiosity. Give people something to make them wonder about their health. For example, you can explain each of the elements that you can analyze with a medical scale. It is not enough just to offer a free test on social media. You must show your followers why it is important to know the information provided by that free test. You can also show how you use that information to improve your members’ routine. You can create a post where you explain how you use gym scales to find out how muscles improve during a workout. This will make other people want to know that too and curiosity will drive them to your gym. The more information you give to your followers, the better it will be.

Include gym scales in your exercise programs

A common mistake some gyms make is to limit themselves to offering machine rentals and the occasional nutritional tip on their social networks. People easily get bored with this kind of approach. With a medical scale with BIA technology, you can give a new look to your gym. Create specialized programs where, in addition to an exercise routine and a diet plan, you offer people a weekly report where they can see the evolution of their bodies. Thanks to the information offered by this type of gym scales, your clients will be able to see not only what is in sight, but also what is happening inside their body. Everyone loves to feel that they are being taken care of in a personalized way.