For pregnant women, everything they consume will have an impact not only on their bodies but also on the fetuses they contain. That is why colds for pregnant women should not be consumed carelessly.

If the common cold is easily treated with over-the-counter medicines, pregnant women need to think twice. Is it safe to consume drugs for the fetus in the womb? Of course, safer is a cold medicine for pregnant women naturally.

If you do have to take any medicine, there are many safe drug choices for pregnant women.

When are pregnant women safe taking medicine?

In addition to choosing drugs that are truly safe for pregnant women, as much as possible the consumption of drugs after the womb is over 12 weeks old. Before that, you should avoid taking any medication because it is a crucial period for the development of the baby’s organs.

Furthermore, sometimes drug consumption over 28 weeks’ gestation is also not recommended. The second trimester is the safest period if you have to take medication. But remember, consult your obstetrician first.

Choose the right type of treatment and do not carelessly choose drugs without knowing what they contain. Here are some types of treatment that are safe for consumption at the age of the womb above 12 weeks:

• Menthol balm is applied to the chest, temples and under the nose

• Throat lozenges

• Acetaminophen for fever and pain

It is better to avoid drugs that are all-in-one or can overcome several diseases at once. If you have a cold, choose a cold medicine for pregnant women specifically.

Cold remedy for natural pregnant women

In addition to medicines that are safe for pregnant women, cold medicines for natural pregnant women are also a safe choice. Flu or other symptoms such as coughing and fever are signals when the body needs more rest.

Some natural steps as a cold medicine for pregnant women are:

Pregnant women who have colds should get more rest

1. Get plenty of rest

Even without medication, the cold goes away on its own as long as the body is given time to rest and increase the body’s defenses. Nothing wrong with taking a break from all the busyness. Especially for pregnant women, their physical strength is no longer as before because they have to share with the fetus.

2. Consume lots of water

Do not forget to make sure the fluid intake for the body is also sufficient. The body must remain hydrated so as not to feel weak. Never mind having to go to the toilet many times rather than the risk of experiencing more dangerous dehydration.

3. Gargle warm water and salt

If a cold is also accompanied by discomfort in the throat or cough, try gargling with warm water and salt. This method can help eradicate the bacteria around the mouth and throat.

4. Moisturize the surrounding air

If the flu makes the breathing of a pregnant woman clogged, try to make the surrounding air more humid through a humidifier. Also, a warm bath can be an option to relieve the respiratory tract.

5. Eat warm soup

Eating warm soup can also reduce inflammation and relieve breathing. Add anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as broccoli, avocados, grapes, and green tea to help increase the body’s nutritional intake.

6. Drink honey

Honey consumption also increases the body’s immunity so that the flu healing process can be faster. Alternatively, add honey to lemon tea to deal with the internal heat that often accompanies the flu.

7. Enrich vitamin C

As much as possible, consume foods that contain lots of vitamin C such as oranges, kiwi, pineapple, blackberries, or vegetables like kale, broccoli, and spinach. In addition to natural foods that are rich in vitamin C, the intake of vitamins and minerals can also be obtained from pregnancy supplements.