But even though you can’t leave the house, it doesn’t mean that you leave a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Even though it’s limited, it turns out that there are lots of sports that you can do at home and don’t disturb those around you. Want to know anything? The following WowKeren team summarizes 8 types of sports. Guaranteed you will stay healthy even if you have to be at home all day. Come on, listen!

Push Ups And Sit Ups Are Simple But Useful Sports

Push ups and sit ups are easy exercises that people do at home. This one sport is indeed very beneficial for one’s body. Push ups can strengthen your arm muscles while sit ups are good for training and shaping your abs. You can do these push ups and sit ups alone or with two people. Invite other family members to do push ups and sit ups during alternating periods of self-quarantine at home. This one sport activity can also be done while watching children play or watch TV.

Aerobics or Zumba at home can be your choice

Aerobics or Zumba is currently a popular choice of home exercise. Aerobics or zumba can be done at home by simply listening to music or watching videos through the gadgets available in your home. You and your family can follow the movements of aerobics or zumba from the video.
This sport does not take a long time. Doing aerobics or zumba for 30 minutes a day is enough to burn daily fat. You can also do it in the morning or evening, as needed. In addition, to make it even more exciting, you can invite other family members at home to do zumba together.

Calm the Soothing Mind With Yoga at Home

This sport might be a favorite choice for those of you who want to exercise during the self-quarantine period at home. Doing yoga at home during self-quarantine can make the mind calmer in dealing with the threat of illness that exists outside the home.
In addition, yoga can also make the body feel more relaxed and healthy when busy with activities at home. However, to avoid the risk of injury because no trainer is watching, do simple yoga movements. Just do a few simple yoga movements that you have learned on your own.

Apart from being fun, jumping rope is also effective for burning fat

Skipping or jumping rope can be done indoors and can still make you sweat and stretch your muscles.
In addition, jumping rope can also be a fun activity for families, including children. You can teach early sports to children through this jumping rope. Do this exercise after stretching. If strong, you can do 15 to 20 minutes per day.

Go up and down the stairs to be an alternative to simple sports at home

Getting used to going up and down stairs has many health benefits. Not only that, going up and down stairs can also be an effective way to make up for missed exercise time. Doing exercise and regular physical activity, including going up and down stairs, can increase metabolism and burn fat.
That way, body fat reserves will decrease. This effect makes going up and down stairs as a good exercise to lose weight. In addition, regular exercise can also help increase stamina, so that the body is fitter and more powerful.

Train Your Muscles While At Home With Simple Weightlifting

Lifting weights can not only be done by coming to the gym, but you can do this exercise at home. Weightlifting doesn’t have to be dubble or barble. You can replace it with existing equipment at home, such as a bucket filled with water or the rest of an unused bottle.
Like other types of exercise, lifting weights can also provide a variety of healthy benefits. One study found that people who lifted weights four times a week for eighteen months had a greater reduction in body fat than those who didn’t exercise or just did aerobic exercise.

Invite your family to play while exercising at home with a hula hoop

Even though this sport is quite simple, this sport is quite difficult to do. To be able to do a good hula hoop, you can do exercises continuously so that later you can play the hula hoop properly. This sport is quite light and you can do it anywhere, including your home.
Besides that, hula hoops are also very effective in burning calories in the body, especially in reducing the stomach. To do a hula hoop also does not require a very large area. You can do this in the yard of the house or in a room that is wide enough and can be. Also invite your family to play together so that sports become more fun.

Some Cardio Exercises Can Be Done At Home And Effectively Strengthens The Lungs

Cardio is a physical activity that aims to strengthen the heart and lungs. Besides being able to improve the body’s functions in utilizing oxygen, cardio exercise is also useful for improving heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing.
There are many types of simple cardio exercises that you can try at home and without equipment. An example is high knees, which is a movement performed by moving the main muscles in the thighs and calves at a certain speed. Then there is the burpee, which is the exercise of the whole body. Burpee consists of squatting (squat), kicking both legs back (kick feet back), push-ups, returning to squats (to a squat position) and finally standing while jumping.